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The Sensuality of the Garter Belt

Oh, my God!  The last time I ever wore a garter belt was in the early 1990’s.  It’s amazing how a sensual piece of lingerie can make you feel.  But it’s amazing to me how many women in my age group have come to restrict garter belts and corsettes to the bedroom.

My favorites have come to be the garter belts with the attached lace-top thigh highs.  Very sexy, if I don’t mind saying so, myself.  And they are very inexpensive, and can be concealed under any dress, skirt, or a pair of good lined slacks.

Let’s understand, too, that the cost of this sexy apparel has gone up tremendously, yet having been transformed from what we have  been used to seeing four and five decades ago.  Now garter belts are no longer confined to just being belts, they have been revamped to pay even more compliments to the curves and figure of a woman.

I’m more partial to black lace.  It’s sexy, classy, and still holds its original design from back in the day.  

This morning I ordered these (above figure) from amazon from Silvermoon. 

Even though I ordered the garter belt with the attached thigh highs, I ventured down to a local boutique and picked up a garter belt set, very similar to this one, with the matching thong underwear. 

For the woman in her 40’s, let’s get back to our roots of feeling sexy.  I am 42 and have never forgotten how I would feel wearing sexy lingerie under my clothes and when I climbed into bed.  Even in my 40’s I like to feel as sexy as I ever have, and have started with the fulfillment of wearing my garter belts with my lace-top Victorian design thigh highs.



Lingerie has been something I’ve always loved since I was 18.  And over the years I have seen it transform into something far more than I have ever imagined.

I thank you for taking a moment to stop by my blog of Intimate Treasures.

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